Lending Library

The STEM Resource Center (SRC) maintains a library of materials appropriate for every grade level and STEM content area, including lesson plans, books, and articles for professional development, and a wealth of hands-on and demonstration materials such as discrepant events, models, and Vernier equipment. These items can be borrowed at no cost and consumables can be purchased at cost. There is a lab available to work on small research projects, “test-drive” curriculum activities, and prepare materials for outreach programs. The Center also maintains a flexible classroom, designed for both traditional lectures and hands-on inquiry learning.  This space can be used to test new instructional techniques and to serve as an educational research classroom.

We are located in Science Building East Room 1276. Staff consultation are available by appointment only given limited staff hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also happy to make appointments to accommodate teacher schedules. Please call for more information or appointments at 618-650-3065. Click the link below to visit our inventory webpage. Through this site, you can look at the various items from the Resource Center and reserve items for pickup.

Click Here for the Inventory Page

If you have checked out a Vernier LabQuest and would like to learn more about how to use it, check out the tutorials here:

Vernier Training Videos