Research Challenge

The SIUE Science and Engineering Research Challenge provides 5th through 12th grade students the opportunity to think like a scientist. The process of doing a project lets students find information concerning new discoveries and test theories beyond the classroom curriculum. Projects also make students aware of the interdisciplinary nature of science and engineering as they apply writing skills, mathematics, and art to communicate their research findings.

SERC 2022 Winners

Congratulations to all of our award winners, and especially to our top-placing students. You can find a full list of the prizes here.

  • Elaan Bader, Edwardsville IL, Third Place Senior Division
  • Eleanore Feldmann, Edwardsville High School, First Place Senior Division
  • Brenton Goyea, Governor French Academy, Best in Challenge, ISEF Nominee
  • Ava Guerra, Good Shepherd Lutheran School, First Place Junior Division, First Place Paper Competition, Best Junior Division Chemistry
  • Jordon Gully, Governor French Academy, Second Place Paper Competition, Best Chemistry Senior Division
  • Alex Hampton, Althoff Catholic High School, Best Engineering Senior Division
  • Dean Hemmer, Good Shepherd Lutheran School, Best Human Sciences Junior Division
  • Reece Herberts, Governor French Academy, Best Biological Senior Division
  • Camden Howard, Governor French Academy, Best Human Sciences Senior Division
  • Marcus King, Governor French Academy, Best Math and Physics Senior Division
  • Alison Nemnich, Master’s Lyceum, Best Earth Science Junior Division
  • Sophia Sherrod, Governor French Academy, Best Math and Physics Junior Division
  • Lily Spelbring, Zion Lutheran School, Third Place Junior Division, Best Biological Junior Division
  • John Almos and Andrew Wang, Liberty Middle School, Second Place Junior Division, Best Engineering Junior Division
  • William Wojcieszak, Edwardsville High School, Second Place Senior Division, Best Earth Science Senior Division

SERC 2022 Virtual Science Competition

It’s time for another Science and Engineering Research Challenge and this year will once more be virtual. While we hope to plan events in the future that aren’t curtailed by the ongoing pandemic, event restrictions and case trends were not quite at the point where we could have our expected 200+ people all together in an enclosed space.

If you were part of our virtual event last year this will follow the same format. If you weren’t or you need a refresher then here is a breakdown of important dates.

  • February 25: Spreadsheets of participating students are due. You are also encouraged to have a draft of abstracts and endorsements submitted at this time for feedback.
  • March 11: Final versions of all abstracts and safety endorsement sheets are due. Any students missing their paperwork on this date are in danger of being disqualified.
  • March 19: Video presentations and project reports are due for student projects. These can be uploaded to the school’s Google Drive folder (which will be shared when abstracts are received).
  • March 21: Projects are shared to judges for review.
  • March 25: Judging results due back to challenge director (me).
  • March 29: Results of challenge will be start to be shared and arrangements for distributing monetary awards and trophies will begin.

This is a monumental task that depends greatly on the energy and dedication of our volunteers. Thanks to all of you for your efforts in keeping this event going amid social distancing! You can read more about how this worked last year in this SIUE feature story.

For more details check with your science teachers and STEM Center staff at

Results from general judging for all projects can be found here.